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Les projets de Claire Williams gravitent autour du textile open source, floss software & hardware, des machines à tricoter hackées, du textile électronique et computationnel… et s’inscrivent dans le cadre d’une réflexion plus globale sur la question de la réappropriation des outils numériques. Ses obsessions : la captation de données et leur matérialisation, l’articulation entre langages numériques, sonores et textiles.

Galerie Rature, Liège. 19.10.2017 > 28.10.2017. (13e Festival Voix De Femmes)


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altblog – Provo Station
Provo Station is an installation by Experimental Jetset exploring the relationship between the Provo movement (1965–1967), the city, and printed matter.

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig. 18.04.2016 > 22.05.2016.


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altblog – Na kim
With a background in graphic design, Na Kim creates expansive work that freely traverses the boundary between fine art and design. By doing away with pre-existing rules and symbolic meanings, Kim studies the essential elements in form, rearranging it based on its geometric standards.

In « SET, » Kim’s work from the past 10 years will be exhibited in one space, and a namesake catalogue will be shown as part of the exhibition. Regardless of production year, medium, commission, etc, the catalogue comprises of design and other works that are reordered according to the visual elements found in each work.

The production and editing of this catalogue is a collaborative effort with graphic designer Joris Kristis. As it is the first time Kim has handed over the designer role to another person, she intends to redefine the notion of the artist and the designer’s role.

Along those lines, the wall and floor space of the exhibition will be divided in a similar proportion as the catalogue’s design, then the works in the catalogue will be made into wall drawing, serving as the set for a performance that will coincide with the visual aspects of Kim’s work.

In this way, Kim’s work brings out the intrinsic distinctions between fine art and design, tearing down the boundaries of process and form. And by expanding into the realm of installation and performance, the artist shows the possibilities of a cohesive and unified body of work. It is these reconstituted and restructured heterogeneous elements that point towards and reveal new meaning and potential.

DOOSAN Gallery, New York. 08.10.2015 > 05.11.2015.


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altblog –  Hiroshi TAKIZAWA
Hiroshi Takizawa‘s A Sculpture is a Scupture and Ceremony is the artist’s first published works. The publication brings together a selection of images from Takizawa’s photographic series Warp and marks amongst the photographer’s most recent publications which include Trip Zine, co-created with Daisuke Yokota, and Mass – shortlisted for the Paris Photo Aperture Photobook Awards in 2015.

Published by RONDADE


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altblog – Hanne Lille

The exhibition ‘Out of Shape’ brings together the work of 9 artists who all draw attention to the importance of shape and form. The artists’ Websites: Lotte Reimann, Ruth van Beek, Fleur van Dodewaarde, Suzanne Posthumus, Anna de Jong, Isabelle Wenzel and Anne Huijnen.

New Tique Art Space, Anvers. 29-01-2015 > 28-02-2015.


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altblog - PutPut

PUTPUT est un collectif artistique interdisciplinaire formé de Stefan Friedli et Ulrik Martin Larsen, basé à Copenhague. La rencontre de ces deux artistes, issus du design et de la mode, les amène à concevoir un univers à l’intersection de la photographie contemporaine, de la sculpture et du design. Leur oeuvres, constructions surréalistes et décalées, interrogent notre perception de la réalité et invitent à porter un nouveau regard sur notre environnement immédiat.

Slick AttitudeGalerie Esther Woerdehoff, Paris. 22.10.2014 > 26.10.2014.


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altblog – Lotte Reimann – Guffaw – MalenkiJAP and Komplot present the third edition of Artists Print, born in 2011: a book-fair dedicated to small publishers and self-editing artists, with some hints to historical names of the independent art publishing scene. Selection of Websites: BunkeditionGerard HermanKeymouse,  La Houle, LustreMalenki, OEISan SeriffeShelter Press, (SIC), Triangle BookUltra EczemaEgon Van Herreweghe and Bernard Villers.

Brass, Bruxelles. 21.03.2014 > 23.03.2014.


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Ludovic Balland Typography Cabinet focuses on book design and more generally in editorial design and new visual identities for international brands and cultural Institutions. In close collaboration with their clients and with a passionate interest in typography, Our Polite Society designs graphic identities, exhibitions, books, magazines, posters, record sleeves, websites etc.

Recyclart, Bruxelles. 07.03.2013, 19:30.


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The work of Raw Color reflects a sophisticated treatment of material and colour by mixing the fields of graphic design and photography. Selection of other Websites: Krijn de KoningFien MullerLucile SouffletPhilippe Van Snick, Tamara Van San and Pieter Vermeersch.

Valerie Traan, Anvers. 06.09.2012 > 27.10.2012.


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À l’inititative de Francesco Rossi, la galerie RossiContemporary propose depuis quelques semaines à ses visiteurs une sélection de flyers, programmes et affiches d’institutions culturelles issues des 4 coins de l’Europe. Une occasion unique de découvrir l’actualité internationale de l’art contemporain et le travail de nombreux graphistes, à travers ces différents supports papier qui dépassent trop rarement les frontières. Le tout est gratuit et à emporter, avis aux collectionneurs…

Rossicontemporary, Bruxelles.