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altblog — Burçak Bingöl
Taking this dialogue as a departure point, Burçak Bingöl carries various fragments from Istanbul to Berlin and makes a visual experiment by superposing times and spaces.

Zilberman Gallery, Berlin. 24.04.2019 > 27.07.2019.


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Creating interactions between substances that are not normally found together, Alisa Baremboym assimilates one material into another, amplifying the object’s porosity as a human membrane separating us from the outside world.

Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin. 23.11.2018 – 26.01.2019.


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Images that have been published in American newspapers and magazines from the 1920s to 1970s are Thomas Ruff’s source material for his press++ series, images that in themselves have even more diverse archival origins; the police, NASA, press agencies and press departments of institutions, to name a few. From the 1930s onwards, most of the photographs were no longer sent by mail from the press agency to the newspapers but instead sent as a wire and were then printed out by the newspaper, therefore showing the structure of the wire transmission.

To produce these works, Ruff scans the front and back of each photograph and combines them digitally, taking into account the original image as well as crops, touch-ups, date stamps, scribbles and smudges. Each of these marks varies in line, colour, and implement used; a red stamp, an inky blue fingerprint, a biro squiggle. Ruff has commented how photo-editors at the newspapers had little respect for the photograph, significantly altering the look and meaning of the original with their retouching and comments. Despite how invisible the hand of the editor is typically made to seem, here they are placed front and centre.

SPRÜTH MAGERS, Berlin. 07.07.2017 > 26.08.2017.


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Pakui Hardware is the collaborative artist duo formed by Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda. In their work, the duo traces Capital traveling through bodies and materials.

Exile, Berlin. 01.06.2017 > 15.07.2017.


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altblog -Impression Placebo_III Beatrice Balcou 2016
The current exhibition at EXILE is both an intentional and intuitive dialogue between two artists : Beatrice Balcou and Kazuko Miyamoto, from different generations, yet with a similar sense of observing the world in its formal and relational complexity.

Exile Gallery, Berlin. 24.03.2017 > 15.04.2017.


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The sculptural installations and drawings of Margrét H. Blöndal have a fragile, fleeting effect and yet are strangely compelling.

Galerie Thomas Fischer, Berlin. 08.09.2012 > 30.10.2012.


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« Usant d’une palette clairement empruntée au domaine de la décoration, les œuvres de George Henry Longly ancrent l’intérêt de l’artiste dans une forme de souillage de la pureté moderniste en convoquant des références esthétiques dépassées au design post-moderne et aux intérieurs domestiques. » (Wendy Vogel)

Lüttgenmeijer, Berlin. 24.02.2012 > 14.04.2012 Art Rotterdam. 08.02.2012 > 12.02.2012
Chez Valentin, Paris. 14.01.2011 > 10.03.2012 avec Nicolas Deshayes


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The exhibition is associated with a zine that has been produced for and by THE BAKERY and for which selected artists interpreted the saying FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE. Selection of Websites: Ralf BrückMiguel FerrazAude JamierChristina Oswald,  Tobias Röttger.

THE BAKERY, Berlin. 09.12.2011 > 21.12.2011


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Vera Hofmann builds the objects spontaneously. Some go through a process, some are just there. The act of photography helps to record time – to understand the dichotomy of intuition and intellect. See also the Was bleibt galerie.

Pixel Grain, Berlin. 19.08.2011 > 27.09.2011.


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Bankrupt states, extreme weather patterns, nuclear accidents, polar ice melt – everything seems to suggest an imminent crash… The End of the Dream features over 30 internationally renowned artists and three co-curators, invited by curator, Nicole Loeser from WHITECONCEPTS. Selection of Websites: Robert Barta, Marcel Bühler, Matthew Burbidge, Youngjoo Cho, Sébastien Delvaux, Megumi Fukuda, Via Lewandowsky, Jenny Michel, Hajnal Németh, Sophia Pompéry, Jovana Popic, André Wagner and Michael Zheng.

Mica Moca, Berlin. 31.08.2011 > 03.09.2011.