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altblog – Evan Robarts

Balayer, éponger, gommer, frotter, laver, brosser constituent la base fonctionnaliste à partir de laquelle Evan Robarts définit son travail de sculpture, d’installation et de peinture. Empruntés au monde ouvrier et à la vie quotidienne, les matériaux et les objets de l’artiste rejouent par certains aspects le contexte physique et visuel des cols bleus au travail.

Jeanrochdard, Brussels. 23.04.2015 > 06.06.2015.


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PETERSEN_56In 1967 Anders Petersen starts photographing a bar called Café Lehmitz in Hamburg, close to Zeughausmarkt. He was photographing there for a period of almost three years and in 1970 he had his first soloexhibition over the bar in Café Lehmitz with 350 photographs nailed to the wall. In 1973 he published his first book ”Gröna Lund”, about people in an amusementpark in Stockholm.

box galerie, Bruxelles. 12.09.2014 > 31.10.2014.


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altblog – Donna HuancaEn 2013, dans l’un de ces cafés typiques de la ville de Turin, lors d’une conversation en dégustant un Mon Chéri (le célèbre petit chocolat exquis, dont le coeur fondant est fait d’une cerise trempée dans sa liqueur) deux galeries parisiennes, VALENTIN et JEANROCH DARD, ont imaginé de s’associer. Sans hésitation aucune, elles ont choisi Bruxelles, autre capitale du chocolat. première exposition collective dans ce nouvel espace de 300 m2, avec : Piotr Łakomy, Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, Kasper Sonne, Bryan Dooley, Gabriele De Santis, David Douard, Dora Budor, Éric Mistretta and Donna Huanca.

MON CHÉRI, Bruxelles. Opening April 25th, 2014.


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altblog – Lotte Reimann – Guffaw – MalenkiJAP and Komplot present the third edition of Artists Print, born in 2011: a book-fair dedicated to small publishers and self-editing artists, with some hints to historical names of the independent art publishing scene. Selection of Websites: BunkeditionGerard HermanKeymouse,  La Houle, LustreMalenki, OEISan SeriffeShelter Press, (SIC), Triangle BookUltra EczemaEgon Van Herreweghe and Bernard Villers.

Brass, Bruxelles. 21.03.2014 > 23.03.2014.

La TracCom

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altblog – Zoë paulI’m attracted to the margin between the two and three-dimensional, spatially and conceptually.  How imagery and reproductions influence a contemporary understanding of anthropological objects and artifacts.  Zoë Paul

Ricou Gallery, Bruxelles. 22.03.2014 > 05.05.2014.


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altblog – Alice Charlotte Ray« Acid Rain », an exhibition of works by Jakup Auce, Aline Bouvy, Alice Charlotte Ray, Simon Davenport, Anne De Vries, Benedict Drew, Xavier Mary, Aude Pariset and Timur Si-Qin.

Island, Brussels. 11.01.2014 > 25.01.2014.


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altblog – Carl PalmSplash, Can And Cock is an art exhibition display behind the window, during winter 2013-14. It plays with the light and the interior/exterior relations. Pieces seem to lay behind the glass to be enjoyed by the passer-bys. Illuminated from the inside, the piece creates warmth and also questions the setting of any shop window or private space open to the outside. Jakup Auce’s new work (Kimberly Clark, 2013) was created for the occasion, while Carl Palm’s piece (Plage de Bureau, 2013) has been travelling for the last months. Curated by Sonia Dermience and Alberto García del Castillo.

Komplot, Bruxelles.  30.10.2013 > 15.03.2014.


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altblog – Nicolas Lamas - Partial ViewThe work of Nicolas Lamas is based on a process reflection about space, time, culture and science. Exploring different scientific fields such as astronomy or physics, Lamas formalizes his questioning using various media, playing on codes of monstration, comparing objects which seem a priori to be opposites, to elicit meaning and drama. The young Peruvian artist based in Belgium creates a world crammed with possibilities, creating permanent interactions, ellipses, attractions and repulsions, inversions between horizontality and verticality, incompatibilities between vacuum and matter, distortions of logic.

Meessen De Clercq, Bruxelles. 08.11.2013 > 07.12.2013.


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altblog — Bertrand Cavalier — seasonalaltblog – Stefan VanthuyneWALK, parcours dédié à la photographie, est une l’initiative des photographes Aurore Dal Mas et Sébastien Marcq. Pour la deuxième année consécutive, différents espaces et lieux insolites à Ixelles accueilleront les expositions personnelles de 17 artistes belges et étrangers.
Sélection de sites Internet: Bertrand Cavalier, Anne de GelasMaxime DelvauxBeata Szparagowska et Stefan Vanthuyne.

Walk#2, Ixelles. 16.10.2013 > 20.10.2013.


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altblog — Sauli Sirviö

Creating a double exhibition, a mirroring situating or a splitting divergent show between Helsinki and Brussels is the challenge. Site-specificity is questioned, as well as the increasing demand of tailored art practices providing for projects, art spaces, towns and neighborhoods. Initiated by the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux
Selection of Websites : Félicia Atkinson, Konsta Ojala, Timo Vaittinen, Bitsy Knox, Olli Keränen, Maija Luutonen and Sauli Sirviö.

KOMPLOT, Bruxelles. 06.09.2013 > 12.10.2013.
SIC, Helsinki. 23.08.2013 > 06.10.2013.