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altblog-Nicolas Lamas - Potential Remain
Potential Remains is the latest project produced by Nicolas Lamas, Peruvian artist based in Gent, presented at DASH. His work derives from the interest and mistrust in constructed perceptions that determine our notion of truth through knowledge. Lamas constantly creates interactions between objects, images and language to build new associations, functions and potential combinations within a common space. In search of the potentiality of things or the state where an object loses its original meaning or essence and can transform into anything else, Lamas explores how values are relative to their degree of transformation.
In Potential Remains, leftovers and remains of the art school in which DASH is situated, will be placed and related with other materials, tools, works and digital references as part of two -different but complementary- installations in the corridors of the two floors of the school. Each installation is adapted to the limitations and characteristics of each space, taking the ideas of model, copy, value or fragmentation as important notions to think and redefine within this project. Curated by EXEMPLAR.

DASH, Kortrijk. 20.04.2015 > 03.05.2015.

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