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altblog – Gil Joseph Wolman

The double-show seeks to show the ever-changing perspectives of artists and their capacity to develop visual forms that respond to the culture of their times. The exhibition elaborates the themes, ideas, beliefs, and passions that have stimulated artists in their struggle to work within and against established conventions, often directly engaging their political and social contexts.

Participating artists: Richard Aldrich, Thomas Bayrle, Merlin Carpenter, Thilo Heinzmann, Karl Holmqvist, Simon Thompson, Oscar Tuazon
, Gil Joseph Wolman (dépendance, Brussels)

Karl Holmqvist, Michael Krebber, Henrik Olesen, Peter Wächtler, Franz West, Gil Joseph Wolman (Natalie Seroussi, Paris)

18.02.2016 > 31.04.2016

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