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Cette année, la Biennale d’Enghien met en avant d’autres manières d’aborder le territoire: certains artistes établissent une relation délicate et sensible avec le lieu qu’ils investissent jusqu’à épouser le site et s’y confondre. D’autres œuvres vont au contraire se poser de manière incongrue et surprendre par leur caractère étrange, saugrenu, particulier, spectaculaire. Une troisième voie propose une relation allusive au paysage. Au lieu d’installer des objets dans le paysage, ce sont les objets qui vont faire le lien avec celui-ci et renvoyer à ses rythmes, ses reliefs ou ses couleurs. Une dernière catégorie est celle des arpenteurs, témoins de paysage proches ou éloignés, réels ou imaginaires. Avec : Laurette Atrux-Tallau, Jean-Marie Bytebier, Griet Dobbels, Lionel Estève, Frederic Fourdinier, Pierre Gerard, Bernard Gigounon, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Maxence Mathieu, Michel Mazzoni, VOID (Arnaud Eeckhout et Mauro Vitturini) et Sophie Whettnall.

Biennale d’Enghien. 08.09.2018 > 23.09.2018.


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Une maison est un réceptacle d’intimités, elle parle des vies qui l’ont habité et de leur finitude alors qu’elle reste debout et défie le temps. L’exposition Norma part d’une réflexion qui s’articule autour du désir de vie comme essence des êtres et des choses, que ce soient des objets, des plantes, des matières, des motifs. De leur rapport au temps, de leur finitude comme de leur éternel devenir.
Avec : Martin Belou, Nicolas Bourthoumieux, Aline Bouvy, David de Tscharner, Cristina Garrido, Maria Gil Uldemolins, Julie Kern Donck, Alberto Scodro, Michael Vandenabeele, Adrien Vescovi, Sophie Whettnall. Commissariat : Maud Salembier / LaSpore

Maison Pelgrims, Bruxelles. 05.09.2018 > 29.09.2018.


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Regroupant près de 80 œuvres, l’exposition représente un nouveau chapitre pour l’artiste bordelais Benoît Maire, dont le travail, qui se situe au croisement de l’art et de la philosophie, procède d’une matérialisation plastique de ses théories esthétiques.

CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux. 08.03.2018 > 16.09.2018.


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Ana Mazzei – Ghosts
Ana Mazzei explore la matérialité et les représentations produites par les multiples cultures visuelles qui composent son Brésil natal. Avec des œuvres de Félicia Atkinson, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann et Sébastien Rémy & Cyril Verde.

La Galerie CAC, Noisy-le-Sec. 19.05.2018 > 21.07.2018.


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altblog - Arthur Löwen - Touch me
Arthur Löwen’s paintings are defined by symbolic handwriting on light undercoats of paint. On the front of the canvas, he applies a layer of color, which is covered by a final layer of white. While these layers of paint are still wet, he lays the canvas on an absorbent cloth, its backside facing up.”
(Marcel Hiller)

fiebach, minninger, Cologne. 02.02.2018 > 24.03.2018.


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L’ensemble de l’exposition « Days are Dogs » opère par composition et recomposition d’archipels d’œuvres – celles de Camille Henrot, dont certaines inédites, mais aussi celles d’autres artistes internationaux, avec lesquels elle entretient un dialogue fécond: David Horvitz, Maria Loboda, Nancy Lupo, Samara Scott et Avery Singer. Le parcours se déroule en sept grandes parties thématiques. Chacune est consacrée à un jour de la semaine, allégorie d’un ensemble d’émotions et d’actions dont les œuvres se font l’écho. Camille Henrot invite également le poète Jacob Bromberg – avec lequel elle a collaboré sur plusieurs de ses œuvres – pour l’écriture des textes accompagnant l’exposition ainsi qu’une œuvre originale.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 18.10.2017 > 07.01.2017.


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Pakui Hardware is the collaborative artist duo formed by Neringa Černiauskaitė and Ugnius Gelguda. In their work, the duo traces Capital traveling through bodies and materials.

Exile, Berlin. 01.06.2017 > 15.07.2017.


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altblog — Cléo Totti
In the recent book ‘Cannibalism: A perfectly natural history’ by American researcher Bill Schutt we can read that cannibalism is not that unusual as one would expect. Humans consumed each other for centuries and not only on some far away exotic island but also here in Europe. And the reason of doing so was not only overpopulation or starvation which makes it even more odd. But also in the natural world animals from every class eat each other…
With works by Aline Bouvy, Joachim Coucke, Olga Fedorova, Indrikis Gelzis, Erin Jane Nelson, Anna Solal, Cleo Totti and Tom Volkaert.

The Stable, Waregem. 24.03.2017 > 30.04.2017.


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Groupshow with: Nils Alix Tabeling, Aline Bouvy, Remy Briere, Michael Debatty, Emeline Depas, Thomas Depas, Julia Kremer, Jonas Locht, Xavier Mary, neither, Justine Ponthieux, George Rippon. Curated by Emeline Depas

Text by Sonia Dermience : She must be around 18. Her name is Casha. The baby, not yet walking, is eating crisps. In front of me in the train Warsaw-Vienne. The guy in front of me, Polish as well, started to speak right away as well about clubs next to Gare du nord in Brussels, where he works on construction sites… Sunny frisk November day, 7 hours train as a romantic old fashioned way of traveling. They left the cabin and came back. He is divorced with two kids, he showed me photos with his ex wife. He is going back to the village. His car is in Belgium, a black Audi i saw in photos with his tattoos on his breast, symbols of success and sexyness. He is cute. Young. You can feel cosyness in this cabin with them and one other girl who does not speak as she must feel ashamed of a possible closeness with unexpected encounters, random people. She speaks to give me wifi and i realize she just doesn’t want any contact with the others, who she must see as lower class. The young mother has a beautiful voice, elegant, dressed in black. The baby just made a mess with another pack of crisps that was next to my seat. He is sitting on the floor trying to eat them. Now strolling around with the mother who seems happy as much as the baby, both warm people. Looking through the window i think about contraception and abortion. The land is flat. Small trees. I type with one finger on my phone. Thinking about that photo i want to make of Jean-Pierre pissing on a car at night with the flash. A naked woman riding the bronze crocodile in Botanical garden would be too political maybe? Emeline could also just sit inside the car at night. A kind of Vogue magazine reportage flash night, colors, characters questioning belonging and possession of private spaces and people. This guy in front of me should be part of the shoot. He wears a green Adidas jacket with jeans perfect short hair shaped in the back. He just asked the name to the other girl i understood replied Sandra. She doesn’t want anything to do with a too young mother and a construction worker. The Guy just made a sign to Casha to go back to toilet but i don’t know if he mimicked blow job or cigarette. She puts lipstick on. He tries to sleep. The baby is learning English with the phone repeating ‘Hello, how are you?’ Then record her own voice repeat and laugh to finally switch to heavy techno. This pink pullover makes me look fat in association with that wool leather brown skirt. The grey leggings are ok with the boots and skirt, still the top ruins the ensemble. If i put lipstick they will think i want to have sex. Or that i am an old wicked lady. The baby is dressed in pink like my lipstick, that is very comforting, soft pink named rouge pure couture. I put it on and feel already so full of reassuring intimacy in this cosy warm cabin full of sun and beautiful people. I have to pee. I realize i am with the sexiest people of the train… Even if i ate lots of cakes in Warsaw and have my menstruation, i think about sex when i close my eyes. The guy is asleep. The baby as well. Sandra as well; can’t see Casha making photos of her pack of crisps. First stop: a city of houses and blocs, no one would choose to live here if you are not from here and still half of Polish population believe they have a problem with foreigners. Police in the train. Police is back. Two young guys.

Arnaud Deschin Galerie, Paris. 10.12.2016 > 22.01.2016.


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Capture d’écran 2016-08-30 à 16.28.12
For its next exhibition ‘xerox’, Société returns to the analogue world of copy art, to confront the two dimensional exhibition space of printed matter with the three dimensional one of the exhibition space. From LAb[au]’s entropic machine, Carsten Nicolai’s sounds of transcoded information flows to Tiago Duarte’s residu roll, Hanne Darboven’s columns and rows, to Dieudonné Cartier’s sculptural interpretation of station for art by fax, … all projects interpret the realm of paper and ink.
More Websites : Xavier Antin, François de ConinckAlessandro de Francesco, Denicolai & Provoost, Gerlach en Koop and Nicholas Knight.

Société, Bruxelles. 07.09.2016 > 13.11.2016.