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Nous travaillons sur le prochain livre de Michel Mazzoni, une co-édition Alt Editions & Editions Enigmatiques ! αστάρια | amorces est depuis hier disponible en prévente au prix de 25 € (signé) au lieu de 40 € à sa sortie… Les autres contreparties sont tout aussi intéressantes et nous vous invitons à découvrir et à soutenir le projet via Kickstarter
Nous vous remercions d’avances pour votre coup de pouce afin de réunir le budget nécessaire à sa finalisation !

αστάρια is a project on which Michel Mazzoni worked for years, step by step, and sometimes at the same time that the edition of its other books. This new opus enlightens the respective genesis of the precedents as much as it shows us the quintessence of the research for the author as artistic practice. It is a return as well as a new beginning with unexpected comings or goings that we would like to make graphically possible.

The project is on the right track but there is 3000-euros sum to be collected and we look for crowdfunders to finalize the financing and start the production.However, the more we’ll collect money, the more we’ll realize serenely this book, such as we imagine it. Funds collected by Kickstarter will be used for the finalization and the printing.

In return, we thus thought of proposing the signed copies pre-order and for a lesser price, but also to some postcards, deluxe edition with signed inkjet prints, archival pigment prints numbered, signed and framed. Each will find its count there. But everybody will participate in the publishing of an exceptional object and of quality.


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altblog – Lotte Reimann – Guffaw – MalenkiJAP and Komplot present the third edition of Artists Print, born in 2011: a book-fair dedicated to small publishers and self-editing artists, with some hints to historical names of the independent art publishing scene. Selection of Websites: BunkeditionGerard HermanKeymouse,  La Houle, LustreMalenki, OEISan SeriffeShelter Press, (SIC), Triangle BookUltra EczemaEgon Van Herreweghe and Bernard Villers.

Brass, Bruxelles. 21.03.2014 > 23.03.2014.


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altblog — Gwenneth Boelens — RivetedIn Two Minds artist book published by Roma Publication documents Gwenneth Boelens’ practice of the past ten years, comprising photography and sculpture, as well as performative and filmic works. Special edition includes a book and one of three 16mm film stills from Hand Wall (10 of each).

 Next solo exhibition: Grimm, Amsterdam. 22.03.2014 > 03.05.2014.


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altblog – Pierre LiebaertPierre Liebaert présentera son dernier livre objet, Macquenoise, le samedi 16 novembre, à Paris (Ancienne Imprimerie/Picture Tank). Cette série, présentée au Musée de la Photographie début 2013 jette les bases de son travail actuel, conjuguant un intérêt pour la marge avec une certaine crudité. Éditions Le Caillou Bleu.

Le Photobook Fest, Paris. 16.11.2013, 13:00.


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Trix and Robert Haussmann’s monograph opens the publication series STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey, a collaboration between the publisher and the exhibition space STUDIOLO. With contributions by Fredi Fischli, Liam Gillick, Karl Holmqvist, Niels Olsen and Gabrielle Schaad.

STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey N° 127


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For its fourth edition Middlemarch gives Bunk Edition carte blanche. Bunk Edition invited Claire Decet, Piotr Lakomy (tumblr), Renato Leotta, Justin Morin and Samuel François to exhibit in Brussels with a new collective edition. Most of the artists will present one or several art works referring to their individual publications that were edited by Bunk Edition.

Middlemarch, Bruxelles. 06.10.2012 > 20.10.2012 (by appointment only).


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Between 2009 and 2010 Leen Voet realized 774 drawings based on the oeuvre of the painter Felix De Boeck (1898-1995). The complete series, originally drawn with pencil on A4 paper, is reproduced in the book called Felix. It is investigated as to how much the original work can be “neutralized” through copying, and how much the copies are “neutralized” by the original work.

dépendance, Bruxelles. 04.04.2012 > 12.04.2012.
Book: edition of 500 copies, published by Grotto & Grafische cel.
Designed by Michael Bussaer & Inge Ketelers


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À l’initiative d’acteurs de l’art contemporain de la Région Rhône-Alpes, 04 développe depuis 2007, en association avec la revue 02, un projet éditorial qui propose d’ouvrir des champs de réflexion à partir de la riche actualité artistique de la région et de ses environs (Suisse, Italie). Aurore Chassé signe la refonte graphique de la maquette de ce numéro 08.

ZéroQuatre, Revue semestrielle d’art contemporain en Rhône-Alpes.