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Jenna Westra uses the body to reimagine The Set as a framework that activates the performers within it, transforming accidental or chance movements into intentional, choreographed actions for the camera.

LUBOV, New York. 24.03.2018 > 06.05.2018.


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Projects 106: Martine Syms, the first US solo museum exhibition by Martine Syms (b. 1988, Los Angeles), is an immersive installation including photographs and staged objects, and centering around a new feature-length film, Incense Sweaters & Ice.

MoMA, New York. 27.05.2017 > 16.07.2017.


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altblog – Na kim
With a background in graphic design, Na Kim creates expansive work that freely traverses the boundary between fine art and design. By doing away with pre-existing rules and symbolic meanings, Kim studies the essential elements in form, rearranging it based on its geometric standards.

In « SET, » Kim’s work from the past 10 years will be exhibited in one space, and a namesake catalogue will be shown as part of the exhibition. Regardless of production year, medium, commission, etc, the catalogue comprises of design and other works that are reordered according to the visual elements found in each work.

The production and editing of this catalogue is a collaborative effort with graphic designer Joris Kristis. As it is the first time Kim has handed over the designer role to another person, she intends to redefine the notion of the artist and the designer’s role.

Along those lines, the wall and floor space of the exhibition will be divided in a similar proportion as the catalogue’s design, then the works in the catalogue will be made into wall drawing, serving as the set for a performance that will coincide with the visual aspects of Kim’s work.

In this way, Kim’s work brings out the intrinsic distinctions between fine art and design, tearing down the boundaries of process and form. And by expanding into the realm of installation and performance, the artist shows the possibilities of a cohesive and unified body of work. It is these reconstituted and restructured heterogeneous elements that point towards and reveal new meaning and potential.

DOOSAN Gallery, New York. 08.10.2015 > 05.11.2015.


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altblog – Richard Prince – Photo by Rob McKeever

Richard Prince was born in 1949 in the Panama Canal Zone and lives and works in upstate New York. Mining images from mass media, advertising and entertainment since the late seventies, Prince has redefined the concepts of authorship, ownership, and aura. Links: Huffington Post articleArtsy’s Richard Prince page.

Gagosian Gallery, New York. 19.09.2014 > 25.10.2014.


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altblog – Alex Da Corte – BODY WITHOUT ORGANSThe artists represent a node in an expanding network of post-everything practitioners. The resultant works represent a shift in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us. Selection of Websites: Sara Cwynar, Alex Da Corte, Rachel de Joode, Ethan Greenbaum and Asha Schechter . Curated by Kate Steciw.

Higher Pictures, New York. 30.01.2014 >01.03.2014.


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altblog – Argianas – A SequencerAthanasios Argianas’s work occupies a space between mediums: sculptures become scripts for performances, or arrangements for songwriting, or vice versa.

On Stellar Rays, New York. 02.11.2013 > 01.12.2013


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altblog – Jonathas de Andrade — Tropical de Andrade altblog – Keith Edmier – kitchenBetter Homes brings together a group of artists who examine the construction of the interior through design and homemaking from critical perspectives. Selection of Websites: Jonathas de Andrade, Neïl Beloufa, Keith Edmier, LaToya Ruby Frazier and Yuki Kimura.

SculptureCenter, New York. 22.04.2013 > 22.07.2013.


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To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s discovery of Manhattan, Joshua Lutz and three other New York photographers (Gus Powell, Richard Rothman and Carl Wooley) were commissioned to shoot images of Amsterdam. Lutz decided to focus his work on the outskirts of the city, responding to the idea of borders.

ClampArt, New York. 11.04.2013 > 18.05.2013.


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Black Cake is an inter-generational exhibition that examines artists’ use of sweetness across mediums and treatments. In common speech sweetness conveys authenticity, warmth, conviviality or affirmation; or just as likely, a certain dumbness, vacuousness and opacity. Selection of Websites: Steffani JemisonRyan McGinley, Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff and Sterling Ruby.
(curated by Alex Gartenfeld)

team (gallery, inc.), New York. 10.01.2013 > 16.02.2013.


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The Map of Exactitude 2011-ongoin, is an attempt at mapping the Elizabeth McAlpine studio.
A series of cameras, both pinhole and slit cameras have been constructed, the scale and form of the cameras is dictated by the architecture of the space on a 1:1 scale. The apertures of the camera dictated by the markings and traces left on/in the space by its history. A series of abstract black and white photographic prints have been made in the cameras, the light exposed directly on to the paper, which is often folded, and cut in order to fit the form of the camera.

Laurel Gilten, New York. 29.04.2012 > 10.06.2012.