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The main objective of the new artspace o v project is to confront various disciplines and artistic languages in a shared environment to generate a sense of curiosity and critical thinking. The Brussels-based architecture firm Lhoas and Lhoas has been invited to design a unique space where Olivier Vrankenne aims to create interactions and previously unseen connections between different artistic fields, based on mutual dialogues beyond traditional art histories.

For its inaugural project, OV brings together Richard Nonas’ art with selected objects from Native American Art and Culture

o v project, Bruxelles. 18.04 > 15.07.2017.


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altblog – Provo Station
Provo Station is an installation by Experimental Jetset exploring the relationship between the Provo movement (1965–1967), the city, and printed matter.

Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig. 18.04.2016 > 22.05.2016.


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altblog – olafureliasson – RiverbedOlafur Eliasson‘s first solo exhibit in Louisiana is opened. The central work in the exhibition, Riverbed (2014), which is made specifically for the museum, is based on the unique connection between nature, architecture and art that characterizes Louisiana. Three recent film works are presented in The Hall Gallery. The third station of the exhibition is Model room (2003), a key work in Eliasson’s production that is always adapted to the specific exhibition situation. Eliasson shows around 400 geometric models used in developing artworks.

Louisiana, Copenhagen. 20.08.2014 > 04.01.2015.


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altblog – Eemmanuelle LaineFeaturing several new works made especially for this site and occasion, the exhibition draws upon the history of La Loge – a former Masonic lodge, whose architecture is imbued with the materials and symbols of its former ritual use – to explore the totemic presence of sculpture.
Selection of websites: Caroline AchaintreHedwig HoubenEmmanuelle Lainé and Jennifer Tee.
Curated by Zoë Gray, an independent curator based in Brussels.

La Loge, Bruxelles. 12.04.2013 > 29.06.2013.


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Trix and Robert Haussmann’s monograph opens the publication series STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey, a collaboration between the publisher and the exhibition space STUDIOLO. With contributions by Fredi Fischli, Liam Gillick, Karl Holmqvist, Niels Olsen and Gabrielle Schaad.

STUDIOLO / Edition Patrick Frey N° 127


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Elena Damiani’s work is using obvious collages techniques and shares a common approach with architecture. On the opposite, Aloïs Godinat seems closer to the language of sculpture.

Elaine Levy Project, Bruxelles. 03.11.2011 > 10.12.2011.


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Les projets de Reiulf Ramstad Architects se distinguent par des formes tectoniques innovantes qui soulignent la continuité spatiale entre les paysages extérieurs et intérieurs.

CIVA, Bruxelles. 23.06.2011 > 25.09.2011.


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Sympathy for the Devil, la deuxième exposition de la Vanhaerents Art Collection, rassemble les œuvres d’artistes internationaux donnant forme aux idées véhiculées par le morceau éponyme des Rolling Stones. La rénovation du bâtiment industriel de 1926, d’une superficie de 3500 m² et la nouvelle construction ont été exécutées par le bureau d’architecture Robbrecht & Daem.

Sélection de site Internet des artistes exposés: James Lee Byars, Wim Delvoye, Nick Ervinck, Urs FischerAntony GormleyJenny Holzer, Matthew Day JacksonClaude Lévêque, et Jean-Luc Moerman.

Vanhaerents Art Collection, Bruxelles. 30.04.2011 > 30.11.2013.


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Adam Caruso, du bureau londonien Caruso St John, sera le prochain architecte invité dans le cycle des conférences internationales organisées par BOZAR ARCHITECTURE.

BOZAR, Bruxelles. 17.03.2011.

51n4e — BRUSSELS

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51n4e is a Brussels based international practice that concerns itself with matters of space production i.e. architecture, urbanism, design and spatial analysis. The office is lead by 3 partners: Johan Anrys, Freek Persyn and Peter Swinnen. The project C-Mine has been nominated for the 2011 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.