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Louie Rigano & Gil Muller

The ninth edition of Prototypes and Experiments will show models, samples, tests and drawings picked fresh from the studio shelves of architects and designers. Participants include: Assa Ashuach, Conor Taylor, de Allegri Fogale, Ineke Hans, Jenny Banks, Louie Rigano & Gil Muller, Map Project Office, Merel Karhof & Marc Trotereau, Monadnock, MOS Architects, Opendesk, Rezzan Hasoglu, Sam Jacob Studio, Samuel Wilkinson, Shin Azumi, Studio Furthermore, Theo Riviere and Zuza Mengham.

The Aram Gallery, London. 13.07.2017 > 19.08.2017.


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MOT International Bond Street Beatriz Olabarrieta Cosmic Clap
Beatriz Olabarrieta constructs sculptural installations that combine objects made of lo-fi building materials with short looped video sequences. Her exhibitions are sites for examining and generating performance and writing; each configuration is a stage for open-ended scenarios to unfold.

MOT International, Londres. 23.10.2015 > 21.11.2015.


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altblog – Camille HenrotThe first UK solo exhibition by French, New York based artist Camille Henrot who works across sculpture, drawing and video. This new body of work makes links between the history of the universe and the universe of the artists’ studio, the construction of knowledge and its relationship to haptic experience…

Chisenhale, London. 28.02.2014 > 13.04.2014.


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altblog – Abigail Reynolds - AfreshThe works presented in The Democracy of Objects engage with the use and manipulation of artefacts – and here the artists explore social experiences alongside a reflection on the status of the artwork. From interventions which playfully and subversively address the public to sculptural compositions reflecting on cultural memories – the objects here play with their classification and reinvent themselves through actions such as dematerialization, re-materialization and inter-connexion. Websites:  Ivan Argote, Abigail Reynolds and the collective A Kassen.

NETTIE HORN, Londres. 21.06.2013 > 27.07.2013.


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The artists in Brush It In are instigating what could be called the beginnings of a post-Photoshop engagement with photography. Curated by Lorenzo Durantini. Selection of Websites: Joshua CitarellaFleur van DodewaardChristiane FeserDarren Harvey-ReganAntonio Marguet and Anne de Vries.

Flowers, Londres. 26.10.2012 > 24.11.2012.


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Mathieu Copeland is the fourth guest curator invited by the David Roberts Art Foundation to be part of the Curators’ Series. Copeland’s group show, Studies for an Exhibition, explores how exhibitions are to be envisaged in regard to transient thoughts – an art that reveals itself through time, as movements of transitions, as possible studies giving the feeling of what is, and what can be.

Selection of Websites: Elena Bajo, Emma Bjornesparr, Roman Opalka and Yann Sérandour.

David Roberts Art Foundation, Londres. 07.04.2011 > 11.06.2011.


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POV FEMALE is a publishing project by Damien Poulain that brings together a diverse group of young female photographers in a collection of monographs. The first monographs are on: Briony Campbell, Tara Darby, Rasha Kahil, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes and Charlotte Player.

KK Outlet, Londres. 22.02.2011.


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Stretching across the various disciplines of visual art, Matt Golden‘s work calls to mind Carl Andre and the minimalist love of making art out of what should not be art. His actions result from using materials to hand, though his interventions are based on an internal logic – the idea that the materials themselves suggest what transformation they could undergo. Through slight subversions his single element works become resituated in the world.

BISCHOFF/WEISS, Londres. 25.02.2011 > 02.04.2011.


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Ricky Swallow’s new exhibition at Modern Art presents a mature and dramatic new body of work. These new sculptures form a cohesive family of cast bronze objects, repeating and reorganising a particular set of material phrases in built representations of vessels, masks, and panels.

Klaus Mosettig presents a suite of pencil drawings on paper, each measuring just over one and a half metres square. An earlier drawing reproduces images taken during the Apollo 11 moon landing, which document the surface of the moon in close-up photographic detail.

Modern Art, Londres. 14.01.2011 > 19.02.2011.


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Laura Buckley works sculpturally with projected light, making it visible as a medium and causing its dispersal in space, therefore the built environment and structural support that surrounds it have become an integral part of the work. Maria Taniguchi avoids tangible subject matter unless it has been processed through a much wider network. Adam Thompson distances himself from hands-on making excavating found debris and the stuff of the everyday.

Cell Project Space, Londres. 10.12.2010 > 23.10.2011.