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altblog – Bjarne Bare
OSL contemporary from Oslo is showing new and recent work by Bjarne Bare, Marie Bovo, Tiril Hasselknippe and Vibeke Slyngstad. The new book project of Bjarne Bare with Behzad Farazollahi will be out on Black Dog Publishing in September (Launch in Whitechapel Gallery London on September 12th). It is titled New Scandinavian Photography and comprised over 288 pages with 32 contributors.

OSL contemporary at CHART ART FAIR, Copenhagen. 21.08.2015 > 23.08.2015.


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altblog – olafureliasson – RiverbedOlafur Eliasson‘s first solo exhibit in Louisiana is opened. The central work in the exhibition, Riverbed (2014), which is made specifically for the museum, is based on the unique connection between nature, architecture and art that characterizes Louisiana. Three recent film works are presented in The Hall Gallery. The third station of the exhibition is Model room (2003), a key work in Eliasson’s production that is always adapted to the specific exhibition situation. Eliasson shows around 400 geometric models used in developing artworks.

Louisiana, Copenhagen. 20.08.2014 > 04.01.2015.


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Mammoth by Lasse Bech Martinussen is a mix of portraiture, reportage and manipulated photos. The series’ intention is to consider USA as a giant on the verge of extinction, a Mammoth, and the sense of confusion that I experienced on my trip. The photos – which are different abstractions on this point of view – is inspired by the country’s financial and social crisis, by meeting people on my trip, from the landscape, of the opening scene from The Shining. The odd and unsetling nature of the photos is meant as a little visual testiment to the course America currently seems to be taking.