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Capture d’écran 2016-08-30 à 16.28.12
For its next exhibition ‘xerox’, Société returns to the analogue world of copy art, to confront the two dimensional exhibition space of printed matter with the three dimensional one of the exhibition space. From LAb[au]’s entropic machine, Carsten Nicolai’s sounds of transcoded information flows to Tiago Duarte’s residu roll, Hanne Darboven’s columns and rows, to Dieudonné Cartier’s sculptural interpretation of station for art by fax, … all projects interpret the realm of paper and ink.
More Websites : Xavier Antin, François de ConinckAlessandro de Francesco, Denicolai & Provoost, Gerlach en Koop and Nicholas Knight.

Société, Bruxelles. 07.09.2016 > 13.11.2016.


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Ulay_MOT 2
MOT International presents Ulay’s first solo exhibition in Brussels. Referencing his 1970s series Anagramatic Bodies, new photo collages feature German actresses Nina Hoss and Iris Berben, together with models Lily McMenamy and Stella Lucia, while works from the artist’s photographic archive cumulatively recount his nomadic, itinerant life over the past forty years. The exhibition includes rarely-presented projects produced during his career defining collaboration with Marina Abramović, such as the artist’s extensive personal documentation of 1988’s The Great Wall Walk in diaries, drawings and a pair of seven metre scrolls, in addition to photographs recording the artist’s time in the Central Australian Desert (1979) with members of the aboriginal Pintubi community.

MOTINTERNATIONAL , Brussels. 13.05.2016 > 16.07.2016.


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Les Foins crée, édite et  diffuse également du mobilier et des objets uniques, le plus souvent artisanaux ou semi-artisanaux. M. Isamu travaille la terre Shigaraki pour réaliser de petits vases monolithiques cuits au feu de bois. Le vase est directement cuit dans le feu 3 à 5 fois, à des températures avoisinant les 1200 degrés. Il n’y a pas d‘émail, c’est l’oxydation des cendres et leur vapeur qui créent la couleur.

Air de Paris, Paris. 27.05 > 28.05.2016.


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altblog – Ulrike Biets
“No place like home” takes you on an unexpected journey through Belgium via the eyes of these six young artists, who don’t capture the country as such, but the people and places around them. Selection of Websites: Ulrike Biets, Miles FischerLisa LapierreMargaux NietoCamille Testard and Sasha Vernaeve. Curated by See you there.

Brussels Art Department, Brussels. 03.03.2016 > 10.03.2016.


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altblog – Dave Hardy
En créant des sculptures à partir de plaques de verre, de mousse, de métal, de ciment et de divers objets trouvés, Dave Hardy compose des sculptures à l’équilibre apparemment précaire, tel un défi intentionnellement donné à la gravité.

JEANROCHDARD, Bruxelles. 28.01.2016 > 05.03.2016.


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Alicja Kwade uses different strategies in her work, based on thorough scientific-artistic research.
By disfiguring the reality and the manipulation of materials and shapes, the viewer is constantly misled. Kwade creates sensory illusions that test our thought and perception.

de Appel arts centre, Amsterdam. 06.02.2016 > 10.04.2016.