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Rosso_067_S_hires cropped_0
L’exposition approfondit les différents concepts sur lesquels Rosso travaille à travers son œuvre : son combat avec la matière, sa conviction que la lumière constitue l’essentiel dans l’observation d’une œuvre d’art, son opinion sur la place de la sculpture dans l’espace, sa perception de l’importance de l’environnement, la valeur qu’il attache au point de vue du spectateur, et son intérêt pour l’image et ses qualités lumineuses. Ce principe amène Rosso de la sculpture à la photographie. Comme Brancusi, il photographie ses propres œuvres dans son atelier, modifie les arrière-plans des photos, adapte leur cadrage et laisse ainsi les formes de ses images se dissoudre et se fondre dans l’espace.

MSK, Gent. 17.03.18 > 24.06.18.


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altblog – TAKAHIRO KUDO – Portrait of a family © Archiraar
The series plays with Japanese family registry system. In the first stage of the series Takahiro Kudo treats « Koseki » : Japanese family registry system, and his partner’s « Familienbuch » : German family registry, as two family portraits. Despite of the fact they serve the same (or least similar) purpose, the depiction of a family unit and the visual outcomes appear differently, because of the cultural contexts they are integrated. The pieces question the ideas of a family formulated by different authorities and their alterations and limits as the depicting mechanisms in the age of globalization and social media.

Archiraar, Bruxelles. 30.03.2018 > 19.05.2018.


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Jenna Westra uses the body to reimagine The Set as a framework that activates the performers within it, transforming accidental or chance movements into intentional, choreographed actions for the camera.

LUBOV, New York. 24.03.2018 > 06.05.2018.


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Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme
Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme create haunting worlds in their installations that blend fiction and reality. And yet my mask is powerful is an ongoing project that narrates a counter-model to the omnipresent images of crisis in our contemporary world.

Kunstverein in Hamburg, 03.02.2018 > 29.04.2018.


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This year Galerie Greta Meert celebrates its 30th anniversary. And for exactly 30 years it has collaborated with Thomas Struth. Three series are presented: a selection from historical series of black-and-white street and townscapes, still lives of deceased animals at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (IZW) in Berlin and monumental condensed images of Johnson Space Center in Houston and the Siemens Schaltwerk in Berlin.

Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels. 01.02.2018 > 31.03.2018.


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As an exhibition, Song carries a particular tempo, closer to the time of reading than the time of looking. Alejandro Cesarco creates rhythm in his work by incorporating silences and withholdings: here the moving image works are presented sequentially, gently introducing a pace and flow to the installation and immersing the viewer in an aesthetic that the artist has elsewhere characterized as “muted melodrama.”

The Renaissance Society, Chicago. 18.11.2018 > 28.01.2018.


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L’ensemble de l’exposition « Days are Dogs » opère par composition et recomposition d’archipels d’œuvres – celles de Camille Henrot, dont certaines inédites, mais aussi celles d’autres artistes internationaux, avec lesquels elle entretient un dialogue fécond: David Horvitz, Maria Loboda, Nancy Lupo, Samara Scott et Avery Singer. Le parcours se déroule en sept grandes parties thématiques. Chacune est consacrée à un jour de la semaine, allégorie d’un ensemble d’émotions et d’actions dont les œuvres se font l’écho. Camille Henrot invite également le poète Jacob Bromberg – avec lequel elle a collaboré sur plusieurs de ses œuvres – pour l’écriture des textes accompagnant l’exposition ainsi qu’une œuvre originale.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 18.10.2017 > 07.01.2017.


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Les projets de Claire Williams gravitent autour du textile open source, floss software & hardware, des machines à tricoter hackées, du textile électronique et computationnel… et s’inscrivent dans le cadre d’une réflexion plus globale sur la question de la réappropriation des outils numériques. Ses obsessions : la captation de données et leur matérialisation, l’articulation entre langages numériques, sonores et textiles.

Galerie Rature, Liège. 19.10.2017 > 28.10.2017. (13e Festival Voix De Femmes)


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altblog – Paul Mpagi Sepuya – Darkroom

For Paul Mpagi Sepuya, his medium is as much about disclosure as concealment, the role of the photographer ultimately one of control. Central to his practice is the undisguised and frequently experimental use of mirrors, which draws the viewer’s attention to the images’ photographic artifice, complicating the experience of looking at a subject, while also engendering a mystifying effect.

team (bungalow), Venice. 17.09.2017 > 22.10.2017.


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Selected through the annual Talent Call – the largest to date, with 1.790 submissions from 75 different countries – the 20 image-makers presented in this exhibition represent a cross section of the current state of photography. Selection of Websites: David De Beyter (France), Weronika Gęsicka (Poland), Alix Marie (France) and Ben Schonberger (USA).

Foam, Amsterdam. 01.09.2017 > 12.11.2017.