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altblog – Özlem Altin
In her work, Özlem Altin draws especially from the comprehensive collection of images and texts that she has intuitively compiled from various sources and, moreover, from her own drawings and photographs. Exhibition folder in pdf. Selected works and exhibition views.

Camera Austria, Graz. 24.09.2017 > 19.11.2017.


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Images that have been published in American newspapers and magazines from the 1920s to 1970s are Thomas Ruff’s source material for his press++ series, images that in themselves have even more diverse archival origins; the police, NASA, press agencies and press departments of institutions, to name a few. From the 1930s onwards, most of the photographs were no longer sent by mail from the press agency to the newspapers but instead sent as a wire and were then printed out by the newspaper, therefore showing the structure of the wire transmission.

To produce these works, Ruff scans the front and back of each photograph and combines them digitally, taking into account the original image as well as crops, touch-ups, date stamps, scribbles and smudges. Each of these marks varies in line, colour, and implement used; a red stamp, an inky blue fingerprint, a biro squiggle. Ruff has commented how photo-editors at the newspapers had little respect for the photograph, significantly altering the look and meaning of the original with their retouching and comments. Despite how invisible the hand of the editor is typically made to seem, here they are placed front and centre.

SPRÜTH MAGERS, Berlin. 07.07.2017 > 26.08.2017.


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Lina Scheynius’ photography has found its way via the internet into the fashion world and from there into the art world.

Christophe Guye Galerie, Zürich. 26.01.2017 > 15.04.2017.


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Au sein de la pratique de Charlotte Moth, les réflexions héritées du conceptualisme et des travaux in situ nourrissent une forme joyeuse, poétique et atmosphérique à l’opposé de la rigidité de leur apparence initiale décrite par l’histoire de l’art. (© photo: Aurélien Mole)

Marcelle Alix, Paris. 03.11.2016 > 28.01.2017.


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“In every of their songs – besides fancy clothes, money and trips – they rap above all else about their routine hard w ork. All day everyday standing at the street corner, selling, making calls, turning the street into an office ; stranded couches into office chairs ; dealing is like working at the factory ; it comes down to helping the family ; in the summer going away on holiday then coming back and starting all over again.” — Antoine Donzeaud, October 2016

Valentin, Paris. 22.10.2016 > 19.11.2016.


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In her previous series Parts and Drape, Eva Stenram digitally cut up existing images in order to examine the relationship between an image and its viewer. For her upcoming show at Amsterdam, she further explores her use of found images and what it means to be looking at them. Offcut consists of three works that all combine the photography with three-dimensional installation.

The Ravestijn Gallery, Amsterdam. 10.09.2016 > 22.10.2016.


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Pierre Clément
« Né un 2 juillet fait dialoguer deux générations, celle d’un groupe qui a évolué à travers l’explosion du cinéma hollywoodien et une plus jeune bande de plasticiens qui a connu la bombe internet. Malgré des différences générationnelles, entre 1972 et 1992, l’exposition met en exergue la déambulation. Un espace temps se crée à travers les œuvres, un retour en arrière ainsi qu’une projection dans un avenir chaotique et non certain. Tel un parcours du combattant, le visiteur dérive, se laisse porter et fait face au boom générationnel. » (Paumine Pavec). Avec : Bianca BondiPierre ClémentOlivier Kosta-ThéfaineVincent LorgéRoman MoriceauRicardo Passaporte, François PatoueRussel Tyler et Romain Vicari. Photo : Rebecca Fanuele.

Galerie Dérouillons, Paris. 02.07.2016 > 30.07.2016.


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Koppe Astner
Taylor Davis, Annette Lemieux, Alexandra Leykauf, Virginia Overton, Marlo Pascual and Diane Simpson. Curated by Katarina Burin.

Koppe Astner, Glasgow. 08.07.2016 > 16.08.2016.


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altblog – Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini
« Dans les années 1950, Jackson Pollock et Willem de Kooning inventent l’« Action Painting ». Littéralement, une peinture d’action, en mouvement, une peinture pulsionnelle qui faisait du geste le centre névralgique de l’écriture plastique. Si l’histoire de l’art s’autorisait des échos anachroniques et pléthoriques, on pourrait considérer à la suite que les sculptures du jeune tandem Florian Pugnaire & David Raffini appartiennent à la catégorie non circonscrite de l’« Action Sculpture ». Texte de Claire Moulène dans le magazine Code.

TORRI, Paris. 04.06.2016 > 02.07.2016.


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Parallel worlds 06 (low)
For Dysfunctional links, Nicolás Lamas presents a corpus of new works with multiple interpretations suggested by tenuous shifts. It may involve an unlikely rapprochement between two objects unrelated to each other (reference to Lautréamont’s well-known meeting) or an action enabling poetic flourishes, such as in the Parallel Worlds series, where pages from National Geographic magazine have been torn out by the artist, comparing two photos in an unprecedented rapprochement.

Meessen De Clercq, Brussels. 27.05.2016 > 16.07.2016.