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Joan Mitchell — Row Row — 1982_
Organized in collaboration with the Joan Mitchell Foundation, the exhibition I carry my landscapes around with me—which span four decades of Mitchell’s career—will allow for a unique opportunity to explore the range of scale and formal experimentation of this innovative facet of her oeuvre.

David Zwirner, New York. 03.05.2019 > 12.07.2019.


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Roeland Tweelinckx aims to rearrange and reorganise the provided things, detect changes and juxtapose layers of meaning in a stripped-down and pure visual language, which can be both practicable and non-functional.

IRÈNE LAUB GALLERY, Brussels. 07.05.2019 > 14.06.2019.


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altblog-Palais de Tokyo, Paris
For his first solo museum exhibition in France, Theaster Gates has initiated an entirely new project that explores social histories of migration and interracial relations using a specific episode in American history as his point of departure to address larger questions of black subjugation and the imperial sexual domination and racial mixing that resulted from it.

Palais de Tokyo, Paris, 20.02.2018 > 12.05.2019.


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The artists of Body in Pieces dedicate themselves to the human body as a focal point at which pressing queries coincide, concerning the technological and social conditions of human existence, for instance.  With: Monica Bonvicini, Leda Bourgogne, Mariechen Danz, Nadira Husain, Jens Pecho, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Ryan Trecartin.

KAI 10 | Arthena Foundation, Düsseldorf. 22.02.2019 > 12.05.2019.


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altblog — Lara Verheijden and Mark Stadman
The artworks presented all exemplify the idea of the artist creating their own imaginative spaces through their artworks as video works, sculptures, and installations. Artists: Andreas Kassapis, Atelier Van Lieshout, Aukje Dekker, Desiree Dolron, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Lara Verheijden, Peter Schuyff, Shezad Dawood, Thomas van Linge and Wayne Horse. In collaboration with Amsterdam based gallery HE.RO.

De School, Amsterdam. 24.01.2019 > 24.02.2019.


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Grégory Chatonsky, Mue, 2017-2018
Les dimensions imposantes de la Grande halle sont l’occasion pour Grégory Chatonsky d’envisager de nouvelles conditions scénographiques d’un projet d’envergure intitulé The Dream Machine. Il crée un environnement immersif qui assimile la Grande halle à un centre de données ou data center. Un programme d’intelligence artificielle imaginé par Grégory Chatonsky apprend à générer des rêves à partir d’une base de données de 20000 témoignages de rêves recueillis à l’Université de Californie par Adam Schneider et G.William Domhoff. Ces récits sont ensuite lus et associés à des images produites par un réseau de neurones artificiels d’après des mots clés choisis. Les images issues de ces opérations d’apprentissage défilent sur les murs de la Grande halle transformée en chambre noire. Elles montrent des formes hybridant des catégories distinctes qui produisent un réalisme de la métamorphose : le vivant et l’architecture, l’insecte et la plante la terre et la technique…

Les Tanneries, Amilly. 16.02.2019 >  31.03.2019.


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Creating interactions between substances that are not normally found together, Alisa Baremboym assimilates one material into another, amplifying the object’s porosity as a human membrane separating us from the outside world.

Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin. 23.11.2018 – 26.01.2019.


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altblog – Gabriele Beveridge
Gabriele Beveridge’s materials frequently derive from sites of commerce, particularly those where we prepare and process our bodies, or more accurately where we pay others to perform labour on our surfaces. Display and presentation are persistent themes throughout the practice. Beveridge includes found photographic imagery, cropped posters and promotional material found in hair and nail salons, alongside photograms which are a new addition to the artist’s lexicon.

Seventeen, London. 03.11.2018 > 15.12.2018.


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Donna Huanca. Piedra Quemada
Using sculpture, painting, sound, video, and live performance, Donna Huanca forges interplay between multisensory art, the Baroque architecture, and participants. Curator: Stella Rollig

Lower Belvedere, Wien. 28.09.2018 > 06.01.2019.