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Sarah & Charles
Sarah & Charles are inspired by the invisible structures that shape our world. Their research results in installations, sculptures, soundscapes, performances and videos. For the exhibition in Be-Part they have started up a new, long-term trajectory, in which they use interviews to research the boundary between reality and fiction in psychology and respond to our relation to the contemporary, virtual world.

Be Part, Waregem. 01.09.2019 > 01.12.2019.


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altblog — Cléo Totti
In the recent book ‘Cannibalism: A perfectly natural history’ by American researcher Bill Schutt we can read that cannibalism is not that unusual as one would expect. Humans consumed each other for centuries and not only on some far away exotic island but also here in Europe. And the reason of doing so was not only overpopulation or starvation which makes it even more odd. But also in the natural world animals from every class eat each other…
With works by Aline Bouvy, Joachim Coucke, Olga Fedorova, Indrikis Gelzis, Erin Jane Nelson, Anna Solal, Cleo Totti and Tom Volkaert.

The Stable, Waregem. 24.03.2017 > 30.04.2017.