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altblog — Gwenneth Boelens — RivetedIn Two Minds artist book published by Roma Publication documents Gwenneth Boelens’ practice of the past ten years, comprising photography and sculpture, as well as performative and filmic works. Special edition includes a book and one of three 16mm film stills from Hand Wall (10 of each).

 Next solo exhibition: Grimm, Amsterdam. 22.03.2014 > 03.05.2014.


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altblog – Stephen Gill — Billboardsaltblog – Stephen Gill — Covered and RemovedAfter devoting himself to documentary studies of Hackney’s urban landscape for years, Stephen Gill‘s approach changed when he realised the limitations of this method of working. He has made various efforts to escape the technical restrictions of photography.

Foam, Amsterdam. 17.05.2013 > 14.07.2013.


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The work of WassinkLundgren develops from small observations or humorous twists of situations from everyday life. Their starting point is always a social interest in the world around them, but equally interesting to them is how the medium of photography can deform reality.

FOAM, Amsterdam. 25.01.2013 > 17.03.2013.


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Celebrating the return of the Stedelijk Museum as the focal point of Amsterdam’s contemporary art scene, « Beyond Imagination », the first temporary exhibition at the new Stedelijk, is a tribute to the art that is made in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
Selection of Websites: James Beckett, Rossella Biscotti, Sara van der Heide, Susanne Kriemann, Rory Pilgrim, Julika Rudelius, Fiona Tan and Jennifer Tee.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. Beyond Imagination will simultaneously open its doors with the collection display on September 23rd, putting in parallel the historical collection of the Stedelijk Museum with the proposals for the soon-to-be-acquired.


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Tayio Onorato and Nico Krebs construct their photos as sculptors do, moulding them until the final result is perfect – often paired with a subtle feeling for humour.

Foam, Amsterdam. 08.06.2012 > 22.08.2012.


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International Pastime by Marianne Vierø consists of recent wall work, installation and photography. The show investigates a potential equilibrium between the symbolic and the real.
Annaïk Lou Pitteloud presents two works that play with the notion of measurement and appropriate esthetical, conceptual or theoretical references, playfully using the context of art history as a flexible grid on which reflections can be placed.

Ellen de Bruijne projects, Amsterdam. 07.01.2012 > 18.02.2012.


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Photography and performance embrace during The Second Act, a four day festival curated by Chris Clarke and initiated by Time to Meet, an international platform for contemporary artists. The festival brings together over forty artists in a lively program of performance, screenings and discussions, alongside an extensive exhibition throughout the entirety of de Brakke Grond.
Selection of Websites: Paulien Barbas, Ohad Ben Shimon, Axel Braun, Dead Darlings, Fleur van Dodewaard, Taiyo OnoratoNico Krebs, Eyal Pinkas, David Price, David Sherry, Anu Vahtra and Matthias Wollgast. Graphic design by Our Polite Society.

Brakke Grond, Amsterdam. 08.09.2011 > 11.09.2011.


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For his solo exhibition, Klein Velderman presents “lead-offs” that are series of sculptures, based on his monumental pieces in public space.

C&H art space, Amsterdam. 10.09.2011 > 22.10.2011.


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At the invitation of Foam, Sophie Mörner, photographer and founder of Capricious Magazine, has created an exhibition of young (emerging) photographic talent from the United States.
The Websites: Luke Gilford, Nicholas Gottlund, Aaron McElroy and Sarah Palmer.

Foam, Amsterdam. 09.06.2011 > 04.09.2011.


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Plusieurs plans héliogravés de l’artiste León Ferrari intègrent l’exposition Fluiten in het Donker. Le Lion d’or de la Biennale de Venise avait récompensé l’ensemble de son œuvre en 2007 : sculpture, objet, photocopie, dessin, art postal, héliographie, collage, microfiche, vidéo, livre d’artiste… Sélection de sites Internet d’autres artistes participants à l’exposition: Maze de Boer, Sara van der Heide et Jenny Holzer.

De Appel, Amsterdam. 21.05.2011 > 26.06.2011.